The Clearwater Housing Authority (CHA) offers a wide variety of affordable and subsidized rental opportunities to income-eligible individuals and families. Two of our programs receive funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and provide rental assistance through a monthly subsidy to tenants.

In the Public Housing Program, tenants live in CHA-owned developments, while tenants with housing vouchers may lease the apartment or home of their choice within the city limits of Clearwater. In both of these programs, however, tenants pay approximately 30 percent of their monthly income as rent each month.

CHA’s mixed income affordable housing properties provide more affordable housing options for you, but have no reliance on federal dollars and have no monthly subsidy attached to them. Just like a typical market rate apartment community, the only source of income for these properties is tenant rents, which are used to pay for the operational costs. At CHA, we strongly believe that, in order to progress and break the cycle of poverty, we must, as an agency, strive to become independent of federal funding ourselves.

In line with that belief, CHA also works to give our residents the tools they need to better their lives and break free from poverty. One of the ways that we assist our residents in reaching their life goals is through our self sufficiency programs.